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Getting to the truth of the matter
is what we do best…

At Medical Director Solutions, LLC (MDS), we’re sticklers, for figuring out what REALLY happened in a claim - regardless of who is doing the asking. In fact, clients can say that we are even passionate in what we do best - accurately getting to the “truth” about the medical facts of almost any claim where medicine is involved.

MDS was founded in 1998 in Metro Atlanta by former corporate medical director, Mitchell S. Nudelman, MD, JD. Residency trained and board-certified primary care physician (for more than three decades), licensed attorney and Board Member of the American Academy of Legal Medicine, Inc., Dr. Nudelman has been our Chief Medical Officer and clinical leader ever since. We take great pride in our work product that adheres to both the principles of evidence-based medicine and the Daubert standard, for admissibility of expert testimony and medical/scientific evidence in court.


Like having a doctor on your team who sees things that other doctors or medical directors might not - by wearing his lawyer “glasses” - Dr. Nudelman supervises all cases, triaging each one personally. Experts are chosen individually depending upon the needs of the client. 


Medical Director Solutions performs peer review and other related services in a wide scope of cases and whatever medical issue is involved: workers compensation, motor vehicle or commercial truck accidents, or most types of liability, disability, or group health determinations, for just some more common examples.


Our core competency is an arm’s length medical peer review process combined with the provision of reliable, credible, and ethical expert medical decisions, based upon prevailing medical standards and accepted practices. We accept files from defense or plaintiff - treating each review in the same expert and professional manner.


No case is TOO COMPLEX or file TOO BIG for us – in fact large, complex cases involving numerous medical issues are our specialty. We are problem solvers – so much so that we made SOLUTION part of our name! 


A brief telephonic consultation can assist you in deciding what course of action is best, and depending in part upon what point in the life of a claim or litigation, the most cost effective way of achieving it.


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