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Medical Director Solutions, LLC is always interested in adding highly qualified medical specialists and other related professionals to its panel of peer reviewers and expert witnesses. MDS strives to provide its clients with highly credible and reliable experts to review their medical related claim files, and render unbiased medical opinions. All medical opinions are required to be supported by evidence based scientific literature.

All consultants MUST meet each of the following minimal prerequisites before being considered and undergoing our formal credentialing process:

  • Board certification by one of the twenty-four medical specialty member boards approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties

  • Must hold at least one unrestricted medical license and have NO prior or pending sanctions or ongoing investigation by any medical board, or reportable adverse action by any hospital or other health care entity.

    • Note: While a perfect malpractice history is not a requirement, as it would unreasonably preclude some of the very best physicians and other practitioners, there will be close scrutiny of such adverse reports to the NPDB during our credentialing process. Waiver of a perfect malpractice record is at the sole discretion of MDS.

  • Currently carry professional liability coverage with limits commensurate to your specialty.

  • Clean criminal background with NO prior convictions or pending investigation (other than misdemeanor traffic violations) or exclusion from Medicare/Medicaid. 

  • No other past history of things that might preclude you from being a credible and reliable medical expert.

Since there are so many more consultants than we have cases, and our cases can sometimes involve the most complex and challenging medical matters, often medical legal in nature, the following attributes will enhance the likelihood of us being able to retain your services on behalf of our clients:

  • Impeccable credentials earned at top tier medical schools and post-graduate residency training programs or fellowships. 

  • Current or former academic appointment (the more recent the better) at a medical university in the United States.

  • Boarded in two or more medical specialties; dual degreed such as an MD plus applicable doctorate level degree or JD for example.

  • Published within the past five years in a respected mainstream and peer reviewed journal, or textbook of note.

  • Extraordinary practice experience and expertise in the medical or medical legal issue at hand.

  • Peer Review or Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Dr. Nudelman, our Chief Medical Officer is highly experienced at educating those who meet the qualifications but are new and have a true interest in peer review. On the other hand, if such work makes up the majority of your practice, or you testify frequently, absent come compelling explanation, it is unlikely that our clients will wish to retain you.

  • Hold multiple medical licenses, in various states.

  • Hourly rates that are reasonable and commensurate with your education, training and experience. While MDS appreciates that there is really no way of calculating the added value of any expert, except in the most unusual of circumstances our clients have budgets for these services and we must work within those bounds.


If you meet the above criteria, and would like to submit a preliminary application to be added to the MDS databank of potential experts, click here to register and submit ONLY: 

  • Your CV or resume

  • Fee schedule

  • List of expert testimony over the past 10 years (if available)

  • Let us know about your peer review or IME experience.


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