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Triage & QA

At Medical Director Solutions, before any medical peer review takes place, each file undergoes our unique triage process supervised by our Chief Medical Officer, who is both an experienced medical director AND attorney. During the process, we plan out the most efficient use of your resources, taking into consideration a multitude of factors including but not limited to:

  • The stage of proceedings, type of case and jurisdiction

  • The complexity of the medical issues and the medical specialties involved

  • The size, organization and completeness of the file

  • Case specific factors


Once the file is ready for review, it is referred to the appropriate MDS credentialed, board certified medical expert for consideration. Recommendations may be discussed in a telephone consultation PRIOR to implementation of our review process, or AFTER the report is completed.

To ensure quality, upon receipt from our medical experts, all reports are evaluated by the Chief Medical Officer to make sure that it meets the MDS standard, the medical rationale is clearly stated, and that all questions posed are answered. If a report requires clarification from the reviewer, or additional questions arise, it often comes up during this process - BEFORE the report is released.

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